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Three photo apps (#3photoapps)

by Lisa Bettany
January 7, 20122 comments

Santa Monica pier taken and edited with Camera+, Percolator, & Diptic #3photoapps

Happy New Year everyone! We thought we’d start 2012 with a fun photo project to get everyone shooting and sharing photos and discovering new awesome photography apps.

The Rules:

1. Take & edit a photo with your phone using three different photography apps.
2. Share your photo on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and mention the three apps you used to take and edit the photo.
3. Add the hashtag #3photoapps

For the above photo of the Santa Monica Pier, I captured the photo in Camera+, added the Retro 70s FX, and cropped the photo square. I then brought the photo into the second app, Percolator which gave it those cool illustrated circles. My third app was Diptic where I combined half of the Percolated image and half of the Camera+ edited image in this collage.

I look forward to seeing all of the amazing photos you create!

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  1. Karakusa
    4:19pm, January 10, 2012

    How about this?
    I think it’s so useful.

    Way2Ret -how to make a “go back home” shortcut on iPhone-

  2. Dane
    7:25am, January 13, 2012

    Great idea! I’ll see what I can put together!

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