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Announcing Music+

by John Casasanta
June 9, 201612 comments


Five years in the making. Check it out…

tap tap tap is a leading iPhone and iPad app developer and publisher.

We’ve been creating top-notch apps since the App Store first opened. Our apps are used by literally tens of millions of people in all corners of the world. A few of our favorite and most popular apps we’ve created are:


  1. wingdo
    10:52am, August 3, 2016

    When will the beta be available via TestFlight? Been awaiting this for a while!

  2. pinkoos
    2:20pm, September 1, 2016

    Hello, has this app been released? I can’t find it on the App Store. Thank you.

  3. dukenukemforever
    4:00am, January 22

    At this rate we can probably look forward to seeing this app when Half Life 3 is released.

  4. Development Hell
    4:00am, March 2

    Six years in the making…

  5. Frozone
    6:04am, March 15

    Opens fridge
    Still nothing there
    Closes fridge

  6. Frank N Furter
    11:10am, April 6

    I see you shiver, with antici…

  7. simcity buildit hack for android
    12:03pm, April 24

    Io me ne intendo poco… ma la tipa che fa Mystique se ne andava in giro per la fiera vestita solo del trucco? O___oVabbene che ha il fisco per farlo… ma mamma non le ha detto niente? ^ ^

  8. Civilization
    5:52am, May 22

    Go home simcity… you’re drunk.
    If you’re not going to make a snarky comment about how embarrassingly slow tap tap tap is at getting this thing done, why even bother?
    Just like nobody else here bothers either.

  9. Sammy Guergachi
    7:17am, June 28

    Now 6 years in the making…

  10. Oxford
    10:42am, July 20

    soon, adverb
    “in or after a short time”

    Coming soon

    Really tap tap tap?


  11. nurk
    2:29am, September 4

    this is so taptaptap. LOL

  12. Alka
    4:58am, November 30

    Go home simcity… you’re tanked. In case you’re not going to make a snarky remark about how embarrassingly moderate tap is at completing this thing, why much trouble?

    Much the same as no one else here pesters either.

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