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Camera+ 3.9.1 emergency iCloud sync bug fix

by John Casasanta
July 31, 201326 comments

We’re really not 100% positive about the hows and whys of it breaking, but in the just-released Camera+ 3.9, iCloud syncing broke. In any case, this quick update fixes it.

We apologize for any inconveniences and frustrations on your part. Now go and enjoy all the goodness that Camera+ 3.9(.1) brings…

iOS 5.1.1 holdouts: we just submitted a Camera+ fix that’ll get you up and running again. Please continue 1-starring it until it’s approved…

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  1. iPhone Fahrtenbuch
    3:11am, August 1, 2013

    We had the same prob. check after upload to apple in binary details if “archived-expanded-entitlements.xcent”file is present if not the result will be exactly your problem!

    After doing a diff on our problematic release and the current one, I found the following file is missing inside the “app” bundle: “archived-expanded-entitlements.xcent”

    hope this helps!

    The bug is already rported to apple!

    take care boys!

  2. Arjan
    8:48am, August 1, 2013

    With the latets release the APP keeps crashing at startup. I have iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone4
    Complete reinstallation also does’nt work.
    Now what?
    I realy miss Camera+ now….

  3. Erin
    9:59am, August 1, 2013

    Same problem here! After the newest update, I can’t open the app on my 4S (5.1.1). There were still 200+ unsaved photos of my baby. How can I retrieve them back? Please help!!

  4. Chris S.
    1:52pm, August 1, 2013

    Same for me — iPhone 4S running 5.1.1 and Cam+ crashes every time I try to launch it, even after reinstall. I haz a sad.

  5. Lena
    1:54pm, August 1, 2013

    Update to my iphone4s didnt work, cant get in! I also got lots of pictures there.. Will this be solved?

  6. Lenore Savino
    3:03pm, August 1, 2013

    Same thing just happened to me!!! I cant get it to load and I just updated it!!!! Help my vacation pictures are on there!!!

  7. David
    3:08pm, August 1, 2013

    +1 here. Running 5.1.1, and the app crashes immediately now. PLEASE FIX.

  8. Jakob
    11:08pm, August 1, 2013

    Same here. 4S running iOS 5.1.1 (jailbroken). App won’t open.

  9. Tahnee
    1:04am, August 2, 2013

    Just happened to me too. Won’t open at all so no access to earlier photos. Reboot on phone does not fix problem. No issues with normal iPhone camera app. Hope it can be fixed!

  10. Rui
    5:29am, August 2, 2013

    Camera + does not load anymore. Iphone4S, ios 5.1.1

  11. Xavi M.
    12:34pm, August 2, 2013

    iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1. Same here. 3.9.1 Update crashes every time I try to launch it. Running the app from terminal through ssh returns this:

    dyld: Library not loaded: /System/Library/Frameworks/Social.framework/Social
    Referenced from: /private/var/mobile/Applications/…/
    Reason: image not found
    Trace/BPT trap: 5

    Social.framework is only available in iOS 6. Marking this framework as “optional” in the Target’s Build phases may fix this?

  12. Nancy
    6:25am, August 3, 2013

    Oh Good. I was afraid it was just my phone. Glad to see it’s not just me. Please fix soon. I love this app and still have Pix frozen in the app that I want.

  13. Pedro
    7:49am, August 3, 2013

    It’s fixed, we are just waiting for Apple to review the update. Hopefully it’ll get approved soon.

  14. Jasmine
    7:17pm, August 3, 2013

    Downloaded the update and now it crashes immediately. I have nearly 2 years of unsaved photos on it!!! Can I revert back phone to old version through iTunes? What now? Please send any kind of advice!

  15. E
    4:33pm, August 4, 2013

    Same problem here, won’t startup on iPhone 4 after update.

    On a side note: Who takes pictures for two years without backing them up?!

  16. Cindy
    4:16am, August 5, 2013

    Currently waiting for the update that’ll fix the issue… I need this app up and running soon!!!

  17. Lena
    1:30pm, August 5, 2013

    Waiting for update.. Hope to find it soon..

  18. Steven Alford
    5:52am, August 20, 2013

    My lightbox on my phone and iPad Mini have ceased syncing. I have 35 gigs free space in my iCloud account. I have turned the apps off and on, with no success. Very frustrating. Using 3.9.2 and 6.1.3 on both devices. No help from googling.

  19. Pete
    4:43am, August 28, 2013

    iPhone 4S and latest iOS. Lightbox sync stop working on the iPhone after update. I need to rollback to the earlier version. It was better before the update! How can I get the earlier version????

  20. Brian
    5:35am, August 29, 2013

    iPhone 4 with newest OS and Camera+ version won’t sync to the cloud but my iPad Mini syncs just fine. What’s going on?

  21. Marc
    10:23am, September 17, 2013

    Same problem as Steven Alford above. Devices stopped syncing with no apparent reason. Any ideas? Need help!!

  22. jen morris
    10:10am, January 17, 2014

    since the last update, the app will not open. It tries, then crashes.

  23. Rich Fitch
    7:44am, November 5, 2015

    Windows 10, iPhone6s, Camera+, images in camera roll. Upload to PC stops at the first Camera+ image. Thought it was damaged. Deleted it and the upload stopped at next Camera+ image. Explorer will not load thumbs or allow access to image. Can email image from phone. Any idea what is up? Thanks!

  24. Kathleen
    9:50am, December 25, 2015

    I use camera plus how do I save my photos I use camera plus I see my photos In ICloud Lightbox?

    How do I sign up for ICloud Lightbox?

    I use this on my IPone & IPad

  25. Rosie
    6:19pm, November 14, 2016

    my photos won’t load! it just does the loading circle forever and never shows up?! what can i do?! i want my pictures!!! :(

  26. Aaron Makinen
    8:38am, April 25

    Please help! I have 651 photos in my iPhone lightbox. I want to sync them with my iPad so I can delete them from my iPhone. I have both sync settings ON, but only 224 photos transferred, and I can’t seem to find a way to get the rest of them to sync. iPad too, I phone 6S, the latest version of camera plus. And more than 20 gigs of available space on the iPad. Thanks for your help!

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