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Camera+ 2.3.1 available: Attack of The Crashinator

by John Casasanta
August 30, 201112 comments

We’ve just released Camera+ 2.3.1. What’s new this time around? Honestly, not much.

The bulk of this release revolves around us fixing a bunch of elusive crashes… well, more like crashes that were previously elusive to us since we either didn’t know of their existence or we didn’t have enough info on them to be able to fix them.

But ever since adding HockeyApp, AKA “The Crashinator” to Camera+ 2.3, we’ve been able to gather far more data on crashes than we’ve ever been able to in the past. This, in turn, has helped us to identify and squash a ton of crashes that have been affecting some of you.

The Crashinator

The Crashinator (astute observers will notice the code in the background of the camera view that Karl had to add just to make the app crash so that we could’ve taken this screenshot)

Is 2.3.1 a totally crash-free version? It’s doubtful… Camera+ is a fairly complicated app, and it’s close to impossible to guarantee that nothing will go wrong with it. But we’re confident (and very hopeful) that this version is the most stable one that we’ve ever released. And because of this new crash reporting system, future releases will likely become even more solid.

In addition to Operation Crashy Fixie, we’ve made some tweaks and fixes to the newly added captions feature. Here are the full release notes for 2.3.1…

➤ thanks to The Crashinator, our new crash hunter and killer, we’ve managed to fix a pretty serious pigpile of crash bugs, which hopefully makes this the most stable version of Camera+ ever released

➤ we fixed a bug where the Offset border captions would sometimes be missing some or all characters… so when you shared the photo and in the message pointed-out the lovely caption (which wasn’t actually there), you seemed ever so slightly crazy

➤ we fixed a ridiculously annoying bug where tapping the delete key while typing a caption would get stuck, causing all of your caption characters to be deleted as if they got sucked into a black hole… then causing you to lose all hope in humanity

➤ we’ve improved the shadows on the caption text for the Film and Sprockets borders

➤ and a bunch of various minor bug fixes and improvements

Go grab the Camera+ 2.3.1 update now in the App Store. And if you’re one of the few who don’t yet have it, here’s your chance to own it while it’s still on sale for a paltry 99¢!

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  1. Kody
    4:49pm, August 30, 2011

    Even your release notes are incredibly entertaining to read!

  2. Jamaal
    5:28pm, August 30, 2011

    I second that lol..

  3. Daniel
    6:05pm, August 30, 2011

    Will you ever make Camera+ into a Mac app?

  4. dtdw
    9:56pm, August 30, 2011

    skip the mac. update into universal first. the dual core processing is much faster in doing things

  5. Josh Hofer
    4:51pm, August 31, 2011

    My number one feature request for the future, adding slider control to the Clarity feature. Sometimes it’s way to strong at full strength and a lot of noise gets created.

    Pleaseeeee and thank you!

  6. Massimo
    8:50pm, August 31, 2011

    With this rel Camera+ is not more visible into Activator Apps list. Could you check ?

  7. Daniel
    1:42am, September 1, 2011

    On the slider control for the clarity feature, I agree with Josh.

  8. Paolo
    3:35am, September 1, 2011

    Please make option to combine fx… I always want to combine fx, but I have to set one fx, save to camera roll, reload into program and repeat…. A true pain… It would perfect app if we could combine…. Think about it :-)

  9. Val
    9:47pm, September 4, 2011

    I tried your Update on Camera Plus and it made it crash. Can you write to me and let me know how to fix it? Thanks.

  10. Bill Siddall
    4:21pm, September 7, 2011

    Nope. 2.3.1 is a significant regression from the previous release. Edit-Borders_styled crashes every time.

  11. nancy collin
    1:43pm, September 10, 2011

    I did not like this app at all. It was not what I thought it would be so I deleted it after two times using it and paying the fee for it.

  12. Mike
    4:20am, December 19, 2011

    The app keeps crashing when I try and save all my photos to my camera roll! PLease fix as I don’t want to have to save hundreds of photos individually.

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