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Camera+ 3.6 is here: “It’s a camera, not a flight simulator!”

by John Casasanta
November 14, 201225 comments

It’s a flight simulator, not a camera!

We’ve just released big, new versions of Camera+ for both iPhone and iPad. Here are the release notes with all the details…

Camera+ is widely regarded as the best shooting app in the App Store. For Camera+ 3.6 (1.1 for iPad) we’ve focused (almost no pun intended) our energies on making the best shooting experience even better!

Our internal codename for this update has been Operation ÜberCam and here’s why…

 Front Flash

First off, we’ve made the impossible possible: we’ve managed to add a flash to your front-facing camera. That’s right… you can now take pics of yourself in total darkness! We predict that the number of duckface photos taken around the world will increase by an order of magnitude as a result. We apologize in advance.

the perfect MySpace shot thanks to Front Flash!

the perfect MySpace shot thanks to Front Flash!

 Horizon Level

Are you that person who never takes a straight photo? Well, with this new level, you’ll never have to feel the frustration of taking a crooked shot again. And where levels in other cameras look like something out of a flight simulator, we went for a much different approach. We channeled the ghost of Jonathan Ive(s), said the magic phrase, “AL-LU-MIN-I-UM” three times, and this incredibly simple, elegant, and nonintrusive Horizon Level was the result.

Horizon Level

Horizon Level

 Live Exposure

We didn’t forget all of you advanced iPhoneographers with this update. With the new Live Exposure feature, you get all the details of your shot before you take it. You can now see how exposure parameters like ISO and shutter speed change in real-time as you setup your shot. You always strive to take the best photos and Live Exposure in the new Camera+ helps you achieve them.

Live Exposure

Live Exposure

 Accurate iPhone 5 Framing

An added benefit of Live Exposure is that on your iPhone 5, you now get 100% accurate shot framing. With Live Exposure turned-on, there’s absolutely no viewfinder cropping so What You See Is What You Shoot (or WYSIWYS, because the world doesn’t have enough acronyms).

 Many, Many Camera Improvements

As great as Camera+ shooting is, there’s always room for improvement. We really wanted to provide the best shooting experience, bar none, with this update and we believe we’ve done that. Anything that didn’t feel 100% perfect was given a good overhaul. The end result is well over a dozen improvements that add-up to the best shooting experience on any camera.

 Various Minor Improvements

Yeah, we’ve been calling this update Operation ÜberCam but we didn’t just limit ourselves to camera improvements. We’ve taken a look at all areas of Camera+ that could use a good tweaking here and there and made a bunch of small changes that lead to a much better overall experience for you.

 Various Bug Fixes

Ah, it wouldn’t be software if there weren’t bugs in it. We’re always trying our best to make Camera+ as bug-free as possible and this update is as close to that as ever. Thanks to all of you who report any bugs you find to us as this really helps us achieve this goal.

I’ve been on a bit of a “hiatus” with Camera+ for the past several months, but starting with this update, I’m now back in the driver’s seat for both the iPhone and iPad versions of the apps. And the development team we now have in place is stronger and more driven than ever. One of the things that we’re striving for is parity between both versions of the apps and we’ll be making a lot of progress toward that goal in the upcoming releases of Camera+.

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  1. mello
    6:11am, November 14, 2012

    any chance of an android version soon? :)

  2. Ian Wilson (@buildcreate)
    6:28am, November 14, 2012

    I love this app almost more than my own children. You guys are amazing, thank you. Oh and double thanks for finally giving me an iPad version! I usually shoot on my phone and edit on my iPad, and you just made that even better + easier <3

  3. Josh H.
    6:35am, November 14, 2012

    ugh, _still_ no slider control for the Clarity feature? sigh. Come on Taptaptap, it can’t be that hard to implement! :(

  4. Alfonso
    6:47am, November 14, 2012

    Great Update!!! Thanks for your work.

  5. m1ke
    6:48am, November 14, 2012

    Very nice !!!
    If an Android version is possible, it would be great for all my phones (pro/perso)

  6. Daniël Haveman
    6:53am, November 14, 2012

    Yes please finally FINALLY add a slider for the scenes. Particularly clarity is always soo overenthousiastic with bumping up the contrast that it turns most photos into hideous abstractions of themselves.

    Absolutely love everything else about Cam+ though, just add the slider ;)

  7. Beyo
    7:00am, November 14, 2012

    If you want camera+ buy an iphone not Android device :)

  8. Reggie
    7:24am, November 14, 2012

    Does “Accurate iPhone5 framing” mean that pics are being shot in 16:9 ? If so it does not work on my device :-(

  9. Josiah Sill
    7:50am, November 14, 2012

    Is there any chance for either video capability within the Camera+ app or Camera+ video app?

  10. Arnd Bronkhorst
    8:53am, November 14, 2012

    I’d love an adjustable vignette. Size, softness, etc. And while you’re at it: Tumblr sharing. Thanks!

  11. The Frosty
    9:01am, November 14, 2012

    That’s great. Would love to see the editing feature from the iPad to the iPhone..

  12. Michel
    11:19pm, November 14, 2012

    A (small) step forward but nothing more. Bring us the iPad features to the iPhone now and add more things like video recording too! A lot of Pros are waiting to see this for a long time!! Hurry up but keep quality in mind. Thank you.

  13. Hugo Romano
    7:48am, November 15, 2012

    Love Horizon Level and the Front Flash. 2 great features I needed.

  14. Robert McClintock
    11:06pm, November 16, 2012

    Great app… but…
    When I try to open photos from my Camera Roll, it skips about every other one, or more.

    It shows three thumbnails across, and then a few rows down.

    Must I save them first? I have the Settings set to save to both Camera Roll and Lightbox.



  15. Neil
    8:30pm, November 18, 2012

    I’m new to camera+. Great app. New version on my iphone5 appears to have a bug re: zoom. Area captured in a zoomed picture is often very different from what’s displayed on viewfinder during capture.

  16. Luke
    7:06pm, November 20, 2012

    Nice update. Still my favorite camera app — though you are going to fall behind soon if you don’t add more FX/filters or ways to manipulate the photos. I’ll even pay for them with an in-app update! I think you are missing out on a great deal of new revenue by not adding more.

  17. Wyrlo
    6:51am, December 3, 2012

    Great app! The only reason why I go back to other camera apps is that Camera+ seems to be slow when loading. It’s that seconds that is missed between a good moment and a bad one.

  18. Troy
    10:07am, December 7, 2012

    Great app, but I think I’m getting different quality since the last update.

    I think the shutter speed is slower in low light, which could help some things, but is yielding more blurry indoor pictures than before.

    I have an A/B with the iphone camera I can send to illustrate, if that will help.


  19. Troy
    10:09am, December 7, 2012

    Oh, and is there a way to control the Live Exposure settings, or is that just informational? Sorta like manual override on old school SLRs. So I could bump up shutter speed indoors and have the app compensate ISO or f stop.

  20. KRWonders
    7:24am, December 19, 2012

    It’s a great app for sure. I got rid of Instagram but it would be harder to do without Camera+.
    However, I do second comments asking for Tumblr sharing.

  21. Beverly Bankert
    3:33pm, December 29, 2012

    From all the hoopla, I thought this would be a great camera app. But so far, I’m frustrated by the low grade, grainy photos. Am I doing something wrong??

  22. Adam
    7:43pm, December 30, 2012

    Love the app. But two additional functions would be great and make the app awesome.

    1. Panorama function
    2. Movie function

    Both these functions are standard on the iPhone default app.

    Please add these so we can be free from the Apple camera app.

    Many mahalo’s.

  23. Paul Walster
    2:44pm, January 3, 2013

    Hi, If you were to add ‘measurement mode’ (bypass hi pass filter) for the built in mic, available since the iOS 6 sdk.. You would attract a lot of interest from pro users..

  24. Sophie
    4:17am, January 4, 2013

    Good post. Is the camera of iPhone 5 any better. I am about to buy the phone but have heard it is not a good choice. Is it?

  25. Truly great
    11:19pm, February 4, 2013

    I’m wondering if there’s a Time/Date Stamp option I’m missing? Maybe Address/GPS Stamp? In app purchase?

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