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Camera+ 3: now with API

by Karl von Randow
March 14, 20123 comments

Camera+ API

One of the flagship features in Camera+ 3 is the all new app integration API. It enables other apps to easily offer their users access to Camera+ features. They can use Camera+ to shoot a photo, or choose a photo from the Lightbox; use Camera+ to edit a photo or share photos with Camera+’s social sharing function.

We’ve been working with some amazing developers who have already integrated their apps with Camera+. You can try these out immediately as they’re already on the App Store…


TweetbotIn Tweetbot you can now choose to use Camera+ when you want to add a photo to a tweet. Once you’ve chosen the right photo you’re popped back into Tweetbot and the photo slides smartly into place. You can also use Camera+ to edit a photo before you tweet it, so you’ll always post exactly what you want.


The Camera+ integration in Tweetbot gives our users the ability to do very advanced image editing without adding a ton of code and UI complexity to our app. It’s a huge win for us.
— Paul Haddad, Tapbots


WordPressWhen you start a new photo post in the WordPress iOS app you can now choose to take the photo using Camera+ or choose a photo from the Lightbox. Once you’ve chosen the photo it pops back into the WordPress app ready for you to post to your blog.


It was surprisingly easy to integrate Camera+ into the WordPress for iOS app. The ability to post great photos in a quick and seamless way is priceless - we expect a lot of people to be very excited about this enhancement.
Isaac Keyet, WordPress


FoodspottingFoodspotting has added a Use Camera+ option to its Spot menu, so you can jump straight into Camera+ to take a photo of your food, or grab one from the Lightbox that you’ve taken earlier.


Camera+ has been our team’s food photo taking app of choice for a while now (Clarity + Depth of Field = Amazing food photos!). Being able to launch Camera+ straight from Foodspotting makes something we already do — shoot with Camera+ then import into Foodspotting — easier than ever.
Alexa Andrzejewski, CEO, Foodspotting

Your name here?

We’ve published our API documentation over on, along with the integration library and a sample app. If Camera+ integration would be cool in your app, we now invite you to jump in and take a look! We’d love to have you onboard.

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  1. Supadesh
    6:22pm, March 15, 2012

    I love this app and it’s the only camera app for me! Wish you guys would integrate posting to instagram also…

  2. Michael Jardeen
    9:18pm, March 15, 2012

    Love the App, I just wish that you had improved thee things that actually mattered. 1. Basic editing like contrast, brightness, etc. 2. Picture taking which is the most important function like adding a gyro function like most other newer camera apps.

  3. Ed Selby
    8:08am, June 7, 2012

    Integration with the WordPress app? I don’t know where that went, but I definitely do not have that on my iOS wordpress app

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