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Convert second month sales

by John Casasanta
October 13, 200942 comments

We’re still residing in NotTooShabbyville.

Here’s what month #2 looked like:

Convert daily sales

The total number sold for this month was a bit over 48k. Our total revenue after Apple’s cut was $33,424. The lowest sales day we’ve had was a few days ago with 1,147 sold (not counting launch day, which was less than a full day of sales recorded).


  • what it is: unit converter and calculator
  • price: 99¢ (intro price)
  • number sold: 48,109
  • gross sales: $47,628
  • net sales: $33,424
  • more info: at the App Store

And here are the stats for the complete first two months:

Convert daily sales

  • number sold: 197,424
  • gross sales: $195,450
  • net sales: $137,065

Next up

So, what’s next for Convert? Well, we’re definitely not sitting still on it… we’re very hard at work on a big update. I’m not going to show our hand just yet since it’s a pretty competitive market. But I promise that we’ve been paying close attention to the massive amount of feedback we’ve been receiving from you all. We’ve got some really cool things in the works for it so stay tuned…

How much is Convert worth?

For the past two months, Convert’s been selling at a 99¢ introductory price point. Our plan has been to keep it at that level until it dropped out of the Top 100 in order to maximize sales by capitalizing on the exposure that the Top 100 chart brings. Well, that time has just about come.

On Sunday, it actually hit the dreaded #100 but kind of came back from the grave and is hanging-in at around #90 now.

look out below!

But it’s inevitable that it’ll fall off the charts, so I have something to ask of you…

For those of you who purchased Convert at 99¢, how much would you have been happy paying for it? App Store pricing is a very finicky thing, so your feedback on this is very much appreciated. Please answer in the comments below.

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  1. Patrick Mandia
    7:00pm, October 13, 2009

    i would of paid $2.99. at least.

  2. David Ackerman
    7:04pm, October 13, 2009

    No more than $1.99.

    Honestly, I don’t use Convert all that much. I mainly bought it to support great app design and development.

  3. scott
    7:12pm, October 13, 2009

    congrats on your success with this. You marketed it very well!

  4. Josh Holloway
    7:15pm, October 13, 2009

    Convert is a great app, and I’m happy I purchased it, but to be honest I don’t use it that much. I wish I had more opportunities to use it just so I could! But because of the amount I use it, I probably wouldn’t have paid more than $1.99 for it.

  5. Eddie Wilson
    7:16pm, October 13, 2009

    Now that I’ve used it, vs other converter application, I would have paid 4.99 for it (I’m of the crowd that believes apps are worth more than a cup of fancy coffee). I’ve used it, found it to be quicker at getting the job done than other apps, so it has value to me now.

    Before I used it, without knowing how great it is? Maybe 2.99. Apple needs to get on that 24hr demo download.

  6. Dave Bias
    7:24pm, October 13, 2009

    I’d go as high as $4 for a significantly new version, but since I bought it already, I’d love a lower priced upgrade path (within app?)

    I’ve found that I use the calculator function more than anything, but I definitely use it to keep track of the Euro v. Dollar and to convert stuff to metric since my new bosses are Austrian.

    I will admit that my initial purchase was spurred by the giveaway promotion, but also because I love the design of the app and like to do my part to encourage good and sound app developers. There’s a lot of crap in the app store and I’m holding out hope that much of the chaff will fall away from the wheat in the next couple of years.

  7. Justin
    7:30pm, October 13, 2009

    All other converters are .99 to 1.99. I’d say yours is worth $2.99+ but it probably won’t sell as much at that price point.

  8. Paul Brown
    7:35pm, October 13, 2009

    I love the app, and I think 99 cents was a good deal. I’d say $1.99 should be the max, as that is a sweet spot for people. Any more expensive and you’d lose a bunch of sales. Can’t wait to see an update!

  9. William
    7:41pm, October 13, 2009

    I originally purchased convert to support great app design and I probably would have paid 1.99 then. I don’t know that I could justify much more than that considering the cost of other converters.

  10. Ramy Majouji
    7:43pm, October 13, 2009

    I’d be tempted to say $1.99 but if you want to continue to market your application as a high-quality, premium app, I’d sell it at least for $2.99. At least. That was solely from a “perceptions” point of view though. As far as sales numbers, the $1.99 price point should be competitive enough.

    Hope that helps!

  11. kc! Bradshaw
    7:45pm, October 13, 2009

    99¢ is what I would pay. I already own ConvertBot and Units but the UI on Convert makes the most sense for this type of application, and I want to support quality design! :)

  12. tim Gauthier
    7:51pm, October 13, 2009

    I use convert instead of the built in calculator. I find other then a LITTLE sluggish on the clear button (mostly fat thumbs) Its a much more useful ap.

    2.99-3.99 now that I know about it. I actually was sold by watching your videos on it. Shame that you cant embed those into the appstore.

  13. James Savage
    8:01pm, October 13, 2009

    I would probably go to $1.99. There is still some aspects I do not like about the app, that if ironed out, might raise it to $2.99. Really I think all it needs is to be faster, and maybe a more straight-forward interface. I sometimes find all the eye-candy gets in the way of trying to quickly find a conversion.

  14. Peter Barszczewski
    8:29pm, October 13, 2009

    I would pay $1.99 no problem. $2.99 I would start thinking about it (delay my purchase). $3.99 & above would be a hard sell.

  15. Frank T.
    8:56pm, October 13, 2009

    I wouldn’t have paid more than 99¢. There are many unit conversion apps for free.

    I bought it because it was very cheap and pretty. Over 99¢ is too much for an app whose only major distinguishing factor is its prettiness.

  16. Kumaran Vijayan
    8:56pm, October 13, 2009

    I think $2.99 is a fair price. I would have bought it at that price.

  17. timuruski
    9:07pm, October 13, 2009

    I would have paid as much as $2.99 for this app. I’m eager to support top-tier applications, so price is usually lower on my list of considerations.

  18. Ethan
    10:02pm, October 13, 2009

    I personally, having used the app, would very gladly pay up to $4.99 – I too am in the apps-are-worth-more-than-coffee camp. However, you are in a very competitive market, as you know, and I do not see many people paying more than $1.99, when they are seeing a number of other unit converters for less. Obviously Convert has much more value than those, but the average iPhone owner is cheap.

    I suggest you price it at $2.99 to start, and in the app description over-emphasize it’s superiority to other unit converters as an implicit justification for the ‘steep’ price. If things don’t go so well with that, you have the option of lowering it to $1.99.

    @Frank T.: I think you are painfully confusing “prettiness” and excellent UI design. The prettiness is just the frosting on the brilliant user interface cake.

    To everyone who mentioned they don’t use the app very often, allow me to share my experiences in that respect. I’ve found myself willing in every situation where unit conversion is needed to whip out Convert, when I would not have done so with previous unit converters. The reason is Convert is a pleasure to use, and conversions can be accomplished extremely quickly. Look for opportunities to use the app, and you may (or may not, this is my experience) be surprised how many there are. I’d say I use the app two times a week on average.

  19. Jim
    10:29pm, October 13, 2009

    I think the right price is $1.99. It’s a beautiful app and I’d probably get it even at $2.99 but I’d would think before I buy - at least for a second. At $1.99 it’s a no-brainer.

  20. Dave Mac
    12:22am, October 14, 2009

    I paid / would pay .99 because I already had a converter in a multiapp, but was willing/interested in putting it on my iPod Touch for demoing to others what could be done and an example of your style of design.
    Break the model of app pricing, KEEP it at .99, use it, if nothing more, as a loss leader to the rest of your product line (hmm, like Apple and the iPod?…)

  21. Moridin
    2:21am, October 14, 2009


  22. Alex
    2:32am, October 14, 2009

    I would have paid £1.15 for it. It is a very nice app but there are so many out there that it has to be a low price or people will just sacrifice easy of use for money (Not like £1.15 is expensive, but most in the app store money has its own new currency to people!)
    Anyway, well done and looking forward to the updates!

  23. John Nye
    2:36am, October 14, 2009

    I would say that £1.19 would still be cheap for this app. Over £1.99 I woulnd’t have brought it with out trying it someway first. (oh thats $1.99 and 2.99 respectively)

  24. Ulf
    2:44am, October 14, 2009

    I think I wouldn’t have paid more than those 0.79 € for it, because I already had a converter on my iPhone. But I had to have your app because of the great and unique design. So, maybe, without another converter app on my iPhone, I would have paid 1.79 € at max.

  25. Andreas Pizsa
    2:56am, October 14, 2009

    $0.99 - no-brainer. See. Click. Buy. Done (<- that’s what actually happened).
    $1.99 - easily
    $2.99 - “must be a really good product”
    $3.99 - “they obviously have invested a lot of time into this, it must be worth it”
    $4.99 - “Wow; the deluxe-version of conversion apps; that’s what I want”

    A question is (if you’re after revenue) whether the $4.99 price tag really sells 5 times less than the $0.99… and I wouldn’t think so, just intuitively. But I don’t know.

    What I’d be interested in is: how many support or chargeback cases do you get? At $0.99, manual labor obviously kills your profits of at least 5 sales…

    Thanks! Keep up your excellent work and openness, I appreciate it!


  26. Harald Eckmüller
    3:37am, October 14, 2009

    I am probably not the typical App Store customer, since I wouldn’t dream about complaining for any price that is so much lower then what I used to pay for similar stuff in the past. Where usually a game cost 30-40$, I can now get similar quality for 5-10$.

    Same is true for products like yours. I agree with Andreas Pizsas observation of how people will probably experience the various prices, but I myself would gladly pay between 5-10$ (more if the app had a bigger usecase for me personally).

    Keep up the excellent work, as you are a shining beacon in continuous high quality apps for the iPhone!

  27. kalleboo
    6:03am, October 14, 2009

    $39.95 if you make an Android version

  28. Stefan
    7:44am, October 14, 2009

    $1.99 sounds like a fair price. Above that would be to much for me. The only apps I want to pay more than 1.99 are games. Apps priced at 0.99 I buy almost without thinking. Everything under $1 make it a no-brainer to purchase if they look a little bit interesting.

  29. Luc Vandal
    7:50am, October 14, 2009

    @Eddie Wilson

    “Apple needs to get on that 24hr demo download.”

    Nonesense. For conversion apps, this would mean death. Since they aren’t used a lot, most people would download one when needed and don’t bother buying it when the trial is up. Then, when they need to convert something, they’d just find another conversion app to use for free for 24hrs.

    We’re talking 99¢-2.99$ apps here, not the 700$ Adobe CS4 suite. Do you ask to try out your Wendy’s combo before purchasing? Are you *that* cheap?

    People don’t care about buying a 8.00$ meal at some fast food joint that will end up in poop 2 hours later, but won’t pay for a 3.00$ app that will be updated and running for years. :/

  30. Fy
    8:02am, October 14, 2009

    1.99 for me. There are still some areas that can be improved. I use Convert for the currency conversion. I also tried to justify my purchase by using it as a calculator to replace the default one. But I have one inherent problem. Every time I launch Convert to use as calc, it opened at the currency tab (my last used) and it wait as it fetches the latest exchange. So I have to wait a while before I could do my calculations, which is frustrating!

  31. Jamie
    11:16am, October 14, 2009

    It’s a great app, but given the nice competition from convertbot, and the fact that I don’t actually use it everyday, I’d say no more than $2. However, if there was some sort of a demo version I could try, that I’d be much more likely to pay a dollar more.

  32. Sbbrit
    11:34am, October 14, 2009

    Having used it, I think it’s a great app worth anywhere from $2.99-$4.99 however I would not have bought it in the first place above $0.99 so maybe a very basic lite $0.99 version could sell with full version $2 in app upgrades

  33. John
    12:08pm, October 14, 2009

    I would probably have paid up to $4.99 for this specific app, but only because I’d read about it in advance and was watching for it to become available. If I knew nothing about it, I might have considered something less expensive than that.

    Also, I’d really like Convert to be able to calculate the number of days/weeks/weekdays/weekends/etc. between two dates. This is something I miss being able to easily do using my Newton.

  34. Noel M.
    1:33pm, October 14, 2009

    $2.49? But the sweet spot is $1.99. Still, 2 bucks fifty is not much greater than 2 and it is less than 3.

  35. Rick Terrill
    1:54pm, October 14, 2009

    It /still/ boggles my mind that people are splitting hairs over $2 or $3 or even $5. This software is worth $20, easy. It took a lot of man-hours and a TON of hard-won experience on behalf of the design and development team (great job, guys!) to produce this product. If you need to do conversions on a daily, or even weekly, basis then this is a $20 piece of software.

    Most people who are buying this type of software on the iPhone don’t “need” it though. Not in a “I use it to get my job done” way, anyway. They just want to check it out, see the nice UI, and hopefully impress their pals next time they’re discussing how many pounds are in a kilo.

    So I vote $20 ;)

  36. Julien
    3:19pm, October 14, 2009

    I would easily pay $1.99 for it. As Noel said, it’s kind of a sweet spot …

    By the way, thanks for sharing your reports/experiences!

  37. Koby
    8:46am, October 15, 2009

    .99$ is the best price since it is just A CONVERTOR. You’re using it merely once a month, and only for a moment and it’s not really a brainer. GUYS! it’s just a calculator!

    I already bought other conversion apps for .99$ and bought this one also because it’s pretty.

    1.99$ is still good but makes you think first. in the .99$ it’s just see, click, buy.

    Stick with the price that made you successful.

  38. Eric Granata
    10:36am, October 15, 2009

    I’m with Rick Terrill on this. It amazes me that software like this would easily have cost $20 for a desktop version 10 years ago, but now, maybe because it is on an iPhone, people expect to be able to get the same premium quality software for a couple of bucks.

  39. Peter Barszczewski
    11:33am, October 15, 2009

    There is an interesting discussion on iPhone pricing going on here:

    I originally thought $1.99 (see above), but now I would pay $4.99. Also, consider marketing in the cooking market … it beats Lee Valley’s Kitchen Converter hands down (which is $15.50).

  40. Colin McNulty
    1:28pm, December 2, 2009

    Sadly your question is meaningless. It’s a known psychological phenomenon that people over value something that they are already an owner of. By asking people who already bought the app, you are going to get an overly inflated figure.

    Have a read of the book “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely, chapter 7, it’s all in there.

    Thanks for posting the figures, it’s very interesting.

  41. Feminissimo
    2:42pm, July 21, 2010

    I, envy you. Your blog is much better under the maintenance and design than mine. Who to you the design did?

  42. Joseph
    5:38pm, March 1, 2011

    Wow, this app works really really bad with voiceover. Incredibly bad, the worst app I’ve ever seen.

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