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Introducing Camera+ 5, featuring The Lab

by John Casasanta
December 18, 201371 comments

Camera+ 5

With this huge *free* update, we’re very happy to present to you The Lab, which brings world-class photo editing to your iPhone. Our goal was to bring you best quality adjustments, delivered in a very slick UI, and we think we’ve really nailed it.

The Lab

Here’s what you’ll find in it…

Clarity Pro

Clarity ProAt the head of The Lab you’ll find Clarity Pro, which gives you adjustable Clarity and also adds a Vibrancy Boost adjustment which really brings out the life in your photos.


StraightenNot only can you manually straighten your photos in The Lab… we’ve also included a slick auto-straighten feature.


TintEasily tone your photos whatever color you please. Go just a tad to set a subtle mood, all-out to make a bold statement, or anything in-between. And if you’re having a hard time choosing a color, simply roll the dice to get a random one… will it come up lucky seven or snake eyes??


DuotoneThis takes the Tint adjustment and brings it to a whole other level. Try it. We’ll leave it at that.

Soft Focus

Soft FocusGive your photos a beautiful, ethereal quality with Soft Focus. This one’s addictive so promise not to overuse it, ok?

Film Grain

Film GrainFor the look of analog film. Fully adjustable so you can get the exact look you want.


SharpenThis can often be the answer to a photo that came out a bit blurry.


BlurSoften harsh pics. Or go to the extreme to make the perfect iOS 7 wallpapers. More on this later… ?😉


SaturationTake it down for a cool, faded look. Or crank it up to make your pics pop.


TemperatureEasily enables you to make your pics look “warmer” or “cooler”. It can be used for a simple compensation, or turned way up for a bold look.


ExposurePhoto overexposed? Underexposed? This is the fix.

Brightness & Contrast

Brightness & ContrastTwo classic photo adjustments. You’d think that not much needs to be said about these two… but we went out of our way to make them look really good.

Highlights & Shadows

Highlights & ShadowsBoost or cut the bright and/or dark parts of your photos. Compensate for imperfect lighting conditions, or go for an intense, artistic effect.


VignetteTop-off the perfect set of adjustments with a stylish Vignette. Not only can you put on a traditional dark one, you can also go light for an airy feel.

iPhone 3GS users please note: The Lab requires some pretty intense processing and unfortunately, your meager phones aren’t fully up to the task. But instead of bolting The Lab door on you completely, we’ve given you access to the sections that didn’t melt our test phones. The 8 lucky phones that lived yielded Rotate & Tilt, Straighten, Tint, Duotone, Soft Focus, Saturation, Temperature, and Exposure.
Camera+ for iPad users please note: We have an update in the works for Camera+ for iPad that’ll be bringing all the goodness of The Lab over to the Big Screen. We tried hard to get it done in time to launch simultaneously with the iPhone version, but we didn’t make it. We wanted to let you know that we haven’t forgot about you at all and we have some very nice things in the works for iPad.

Shooting refinements

Exposure CompensationWe’ve taken yet another pass at streamlining the shooting experience in Camera+. In Camera+ 5, we’ve split the exposure compensation and exposure lock controls so that you can have even easier access to each.

iPhone wallpaper crops

As mentioned earlier, Camera+ 5 enables you to make some very awesome iOS 7- style wallpapers. Here’s the ticket: Simply grab one of your favorite pics and take it to The Lab. Then crank the blur way up and add a touch of saturation. Apply one of the new iPhone wallpaper crops, and voilà… a nifty iOS 7 wallpaper is born!
WallPaper CropDemo

A Tale of Two Dicks

SaturationWe’ve renamed Effects to Filters and Borders to Frames. We’re letting you know so you can avoid that feeling you got when Bewitched switched Darrins and Roseanne switched Beckys on you without uttering a word.

New icons throughout the app

Dozens of icons in the app have been redone and have the perfect look to go with iOS 7.

Jack's Work

Shiny, new app icon

Camera+ IconAnd the most obvious icon that changed for Camera+ 5 is the app icon itself. It was hard for us to let go of the old icon. But we came up with one that captures the essence of the longstanding Camera+ icon (albeit in abstract form), and fits like a glove on the first page of your home screen alongside all your other iOS 7 icons.

Say hello to Jack Hollingsworth

Jack HollingsworthSince the earliest days of Camera+, professional photographer Jack Hollingsworth has been a very prolific user of the app. Today I’m happy to announce that Jack’s officially become a member of the Camera+ team. In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing a lot more of him around here and he’s got some pretty cool things lined-up for you. Here’s a little look at some of his work…
Jack's Work

Get Camera+ in the App Store

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  1. Ara
    6:57am, December 18, 2013

    You guys are on fire!

  2. sarbour
    7:06am, December 18, 2013

    Clarity with a slider…

    That’s a X-mas gift!

  3. Josh
    7:11am, December 18, 2013

    Holy tits, you all finally added a slider for Clarity?! w00t, thanks!

    Big fan of the new icon too.

  4. Matt
    7:16am, December 18, 2013

    Nice update!
    One question: Does the wallpaper crop is for parallax or normal size ?
    Thx !

  5. ScottJL
    7:19am, December 18, 2013

    What? ANOTHER free update from you guys? You guys SUCK! How dare you produce what is the best camera app for iOS without filling it with obnoxious IAPs forcing me to buy coins and gems to take and edit photos. You’re doing it all wrong!

    Please keep up the good work and Happy Holidays!

  6. UpstateScott
    7:22am, December 18, 2013

    wow - spectacular update.

    Great attention to detail - like the super tiny icons (what’s a retina display for, after-all) in The Lab to easily switch between the functions without leaving that section, a date stamp for the border captions, and of course, adjustable Clarity.

    Well done.

  7. Tim
    7:22am, December 18, 2013

    I can’t find a way to give you more money, so I will go gift many people this app as a way of saying thanks for being astoundingly awesome with your updates (free? really? what ScottJL said!)

    Thank you, thank you!

  8. Aaron
    7:44am, December 18, 2013

    This update made my day. I can’t wait to play with it later. I think the only thing missing now is facial recognition. If you guys add that, the other apps might as well just close up shop. Keep up the amazing work.

  9. Ben
    7:50am, December 18, 2013

    I’m genuinely not kidding when I say this app is my favourite app on iPhone and that I will be switching back to my iPhone 5 for photos from my Note 3 after this update.

  10. Daniël
    8:09am, December 18, 2013

    Finally adjustable clarity filter! This single thing made this the best update since version 1. Loving the rest too by the way.

  11. Joe Clark
    8:13am, December 18, 2013

    And, right on cue, still unusable under VoiceOver. The only thing I’m wondering about is your degree of nastiness in responding to the topic (historically: excessive).

    Real developers write accessible apps. When filthy rich developers don’t bother, some of us get upset.

  12. TheMacUniverse
    9:05am, December 18, 2013

    Thank you so much! I have been waiting on these features for a long time! Now I can delete the inferior apps that had white balance adjustment.

    This is a fantastic update!

  13. Heather
    9:25am, December 18, 2013

    Any reason it would not work? I updated and then even restarted my phone and when I open it, it is a black screen w/the buttons, but no response…am I doing something wrong? I have an iPhone 5 w/iOS 7.

  14. Stein
    10:03am, December 18, 2013

    Forgot my Sony Qx10 at my daughters place - thought I should look for your integration, but nothing mentioned at least….?

  15. Matthias
    10:23am, December 18, 2013

    Switched to Android from my iP4 for several reasons. The ONLY thing I’m missing on my new shiny Galaxy 4 is Camera+ and I do miss it a lot. Any chance of an Android version? I would pay a lot for that!

  16. T-Will
    11:04am, December 18, 2013

    Awesome update! I really like the new app icon!

  17. Daniel Bechter
    11:18am, December 18, 2013

    What kind of image data is “The Lab” actually working on? Is it the RAW sensor data or some already quantized image like JPG?

  18. Alan Morris
    11:40am, December 18, 2013

    Way to go !! Competition helps all of us.

  19. Laurent
    12:43pm, December 18, 2013

    My favorite iPhone app since a few years now! Thanks guys for the work!

  20. matejay
    12:49pm, December 18, 2013

    +1 on the android app! Also switched recently after being with the iPhone since the very beginning and while there a lot if photo apps on android, nothing when comes close to Camera+ :(

  21. Steven
    1:44pm, December 18, 2013

    I like the new lab, but why the tiny row of icons after you select one of the lab tools? (I know the larger icons are on the previous screen but tiny ones after you’re within a tool are pretty difficult to hit except maybe for ants).

  22. Vince
    2:25pm, December 18, 2013

    Great work. I still have my iphone so thats great but hey how about an app for windows phone. Hipstamatic did it with Oggl. Imagine the awesomeness (might not be a real word but hey) on a lumia 1020 or 1520. The platform is begging for great apps. Just a thought and seasons greeting to all from downunder. Cheers.

  23. Neil
    3:36pm, December 18, 2013

    Been seeing a lot of negativity towards taptaptap recently. Not sure why. Unlike many developers nickel and diming their customers, taptaptap continues to provide free updates. Plus, your release notes are always hilarious. Keep up the great work!

  24. Simone
    11:29pm, December 18, 2013

    My favorite iPhone app and now with this huge update is getting better and better.
    Great work and thanks for this free update

  25. Jon
    2:09am, December 19, 2013

    Doesn’t Camera+ 5 come with a free magnifying glass so we can see the lab icons?

  26. Zane
    7:22am, December 19, 2013

    Where is the auto-straighten feature?

  27. Cary
    5:05am, December 20, 2013

    LOVE all the cool new features in this update! Unfortunately, when I try to save my photos it crashes. Help! I want to be able to show off all my cool new photos!

  28. David
    6:03am, December 20, 2013

    Thanks for this update, a very nice one. I’ve written about the update on our national smarphone photography blog (Italian version):

    And the iPhone wallpapers? I have to say they are just awesome, I followed the tips and it’s super easy to create one. I think I will change them more often now.

    And Jack? Nice to see you with them now. :)

  29. hugo solo
    6:21am, December 20, 2013

    Great update,and for the next please add a powerful magnifying glass for accurate control?

  30. Edward
    7:07pm, December 21, 2013

    Awesome update! Thx!

  31. DobaKung
    9:15pm, December 21, 2013

    Nice work, guys!

  32. DobaKung
    9:18pm, December 21, 2013

    At the ‘iPhone wallpaper crops’ section, see the 2nd photo, right-click and see the filename for a surprise!

  33. Tom
    6:06am, December 22, 2013

    Is there also a camera+ 5 update coming for iPad ?

  34. Jim Goldsmith
    2:52am, December 23, 2013

    How do I get the Camera+ update. I have a iPhone 4 and was told to go to the itune site but it looks likes it’s not free I have to pay again to download the app.
    Thanks for your help.

  35. DJ
    3:06am, December 23, 2013

    1. Does the app do custom CROPs? (where I select the exact area that I want to keep?)

    2. Can the app resize an image to a custom resolution?

  36. Alex Groundwater
    9:32am, December 25, 2013

    Generally a phenomenal update in terms of functionality - but on my 4S IOS7 the app randomly crashes out when saving photos. If it crashes once on a photo it will never save it out from Lightroom :( Really irritating at Xmas! Half the shots of my nephew and family round the tree save - the other half don’t. Not sure if it’s one tool from the Lab that kills it - or a combination of tools. Will you be fixing / updating this???

  37. JP
    10:36am, December 27, 2013

    This update is spectacular! The Lab is everything I wanted for this App - and more. Clarity on a stick is fabulous. Thank you so much for making this update free - you guys ROCK!

  38. Deb Hollern
    11:53am, December 27, 2013

    Curious; what’s the difference between
    . my photo stream
    . camera roll
    . lightbox

  39. Daido
    1:14pm, January 7, 2014

    I have problems with saving photos from the lightbox to camera roll after using the function The Lab .The other photos are saved correctly. I’m using an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.04
    please can you help me? Thanks

  40. Caleb
    4:10am, January 8, 2014

    Hello, could you please advise on when the issue with the app crashing in iOS 7 after the most recent update will be resolved? I have trawled through a number of forums with regard to this issue and noted that quite a number of users have experienced this problem as well. I have been a satisfied user of Camera+ for about 2-3 years now and do not want to be forced to defect because of this! Cheers!

  41. provos88
    6:22am, January 8, 2014

    Good afternoon guys.
    For more or less three weeks now your “fabulous” App doesn’t work on my iPhone 5S under iOS 7.04. Regarding the comments of a couple of users for who the App seems to work, you must be really good at delivering fancy functions.

    What about the obligatory ones? Don’t take yourselves too much time to resolve that issue, I’d like to take some X-Mas 2014 pictures with the camera+ App.

  42. Deb Hollern
    10:20am, January 9, 2014

    Still don’t understand the difference between:

    .my photo stream
    .camera roll

    and how do I clear everything off/out of camera; I have downloaded everything,and it is still on the camera!


  43. Ron Scibilia
    1:54pm, January 9, 2014

    Just downloaded latest update for iPad today. I have iPad3 running iOS 7. App won’t run, opens and freezes.

  44. Lucy
    5:30pm, January 10, 2014

    Lab is great, but I’m getting chary of updates: this time too when I go to take a picture, too frequently the screen is black. It will photograph—haphazardly—but I can’t see til I go to the lightbox. Looking forward to the debug.

  45. Khalzie
    8:00am, January 20, 2014

    The update was OUTRAGEOUS. And the “Lab” was awesome. I really love it. But the thing that lacks here is the “BIG BUTTON” shutter button since it will be a great plus if it will be included in an upcoming update.

    I really love this app. Since it’s the one i have been using since i had my iPhone with me.

    Best regards and god bless

  46. Calin @ Toronto wedding photography
    10:45pm, January 31, 2014

    This app is unbelievable. It has so many features professional post processing software have is not even funny…sharpening? Wow!

  47. susieminus
    1:21pm, March 12, 2014

    Unfortunately, freezes when trying to save photos to camera roll after editing. Other than this major disappointment, it is the best camera app in my opinion. I hope this bug gets fixed so I can use it again!

  48. Ken
    3:51pm, March 16, 2014

    Love the app except for one thing - on iPhone I can’t get the crop to switch back and forth from horizontal to vertical orientation.Mine is stuck in horizontal On iPaad its great. . Help !!!!

  49. Les Callaway
    12:22am, March 19, 2014

    Plans to be a third party app for Sony’s QX10/100?

  50. Brian
    1:47pm, March 31, 2014

    Any news regarding “the lab” and camera+ for ipad?

    Best regards

  51. penny
    4:04pm, April 12, 2014

    i loved this camera,,,,,,,,,,,used it sucessfully for over 1000 images…………then suddenly my camera+ pictures are not saving on their own…they do not save to the “camera roll” or what ever the other choice iphone4s has……..they did before….like thursday, but not today, saturday….why…..i had to download ios7…..and the images do not save to anything??????please help, an obsessed picture taker

  52. penny
    4:05pm, April 12, 2014

    dont make me go back to the apple camera…….which is minus zero compared to your camera+

  53. Fred
    2:11am, April 18, 2014

    Hi, Camera+ is such a complete app, except for 4 things that i miss a lot : 1) A NOISE REDUCTION filter, especially for dark scenes. 2) A PERSPECTIVE correction, especially for correcting barrel distortions. 3) A NIGHT SHOT MODE (similar to PRO CAMERA 7) and 4) A 16/9 format for shooting ((similar to PRO CAMERA 7). With these 4 features added, Camera+ will be the best photo app on iOS !

  54. Tom
    9:02am, May 9, 2014

    It’s been 6 months since the Lab update for iPhone was announced. Where has the iPad version gone?? It can’t take this long to get Camera+ to work on an iPad? Really missing you Camera+! Don’t abandon us!

  55. nick
    4:36pm, May 18, 2014

    We Android users (and there’s a significant growing number of us) need an Android version asap. Cheers.

  56. LeAnn Keaton
    8:42pm, May 19, 2014

    Camera+ used to have The Glorius “NEW” “”lab already on it? What the hell happened? I used it all the time on my ipad

  57. MissTrepidation
    4:58am, May 23, 2014

    Have emailed a few times now because ClarityPro hasn’t worked in months and no one responds. ClarityPro freezes the app and I have to force close and restart. Please fix this as I’d like to use the feature.

    I bought this app when it came out and use it exclusively, but if support can’t even write back, I can always look for something else…

  58. JAnderson
    10:59am, June 3, 2014

    First and foremost, THANK YOU. Camera+ has been my go-to photography app since you first launched. Always had friends wonder what it was and love it when they downloaded it.

    I was wondering, what are some of the typefaces used for the captions on frames? Especially for the “Vintage” frame.

    Thanks - keep up the great work.

    - JAnderson

  59. Mark Bernard
    1:06pm, June 12, 2014

    I’m trying to find out if I can keep photos in the lightbox and save them to my photoroll? Or if not can I edit a photo that is only in my Photoroll?

  60. Robert Michaelson
    10:43am, July 9, 2014

    Please make Camera+ for iPad available at the Canadian APP store. The iPhone APP is there but not the iPad APP.


  61. vinay
    2:40am, July 21, 2014

    how to erase red eye reduction in the camera+ app

  62. Scott Geiger
    8:57pm, July 28, 2014

    Any update on where the new iPad version of Camera+ is? The iPad is where I do nearly all photo editing and most use your app. I love the Lab, but really need it on the iPad.

  63. mary jane
    8:58am, August 29, 2014

    I use to have a iPhone and i love this app one of the best.. but I have a android now and I wish I could download this app but I can’t find it please create this same camera+5 app for android I would really appreciate it Thanks

  64. Donovan tan
    2:26am, September 9, 2014

    I using camera+ for ipad and I’m so amazed by the lab , please work it out for ipad user . Big thanks !

  65. matias
    9:48am, December 1, 2014

    Hey guys. I just needed to know if you’re releasing camera+ for android anytime soon, cause I switched my iphone 4s for a galaxy s5 but I can’t live without your app. I’d love a quick response to come back to iphone again

  66. messiphones
    12:59pm, December 18, 2014

    Camera+ 5 is a free upgrade for existing users, and is priced at $1.99 for new customers.

  67. nanakay
    8:40am, January 3, 2015

    I would be pleased if this app was available on playstore for android users …I have never used such quality as on my friend’s iPhone until now and I know it will be a good challenger for other camera apps on there

  68. Zach
    10:16am, February 5, 2015

    Just downloaded the app to my iphone 4s (with IOS 7.1.2) and am having the same save issues… the screen freezes or it just stops loading the images taken and edited with the Camera + app to my camera roll… any way to get this to work because the utility for shooting/editing seems phenomenal?

  69. Silvia
    7:27am, June 21, 2015

    I miss my camera+, now that I have an android phone. …any plans on making it available on android device?! I hope so!

  70. Dick Mossey
    3:55pm, July 21, 2015

    When does the iPad version get an update? Been a year and a half! Not going to pay $4.99 for an “old, out of date” app!

  71. Cristina Aguiar
    9:08am, August 8, 2016

    Jhon, quando o senhor vai disponibilizar o app camera + no sistema android, atenda os nossos pedidos, queremos o app no android tambem….

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