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MacHeist 4 has arrived!

by John Casasanta
September 16, 20124 comments

MacHeist 4 nanoMission 1
As some of you are aware, many tap tap tap people also work on projects for our other company, MacHeist. And after over three years have elapsed since the last full season of MacHeist, we’ve just launched MacHeist 4.

The last time we did this, for MacHeist 3, the App Store was in its infancy, only being open for less than a year. At that time we were much smaller, so tap tap tap essentially went on hiatus for the time that it took to plan and execute MacHeist 3.

But this time around, we’ve grown quite a bit and we have a lot more people working on things concurrently. So instead of this post being about me saying how we’re going on break for a while, I’m here to tell you about the MacHeist 4 launch and to also let you know that we have some big things coming-up here at tap tap tap very shortly.

In fact, we’ve just submitted something HUGE to the App Store and we’re expecting it to be approved and ready for launch either this week or next week at worst. I guarantee that this will be very exciting to many of you.

And down the pipe, we have many, many cool things coming-up. One of these things is what I consider to be our most coolest app yet. I can hardly wait for this one to be launched.

So if you’re into solving puzzles and mysteries, come down at and join the 1.5 million or so awesome members who are having a ball socializing in our forums, playing the MacHeist missions, and collecting free copies of some sweet Mac apps. If you enjoyed our iPhone game, The Heist, you’ll surely love playing along since The Heist has its roots deep in the MacHeist 3 missions. We’ve just launched nanoMission 1, so here’s your chance to jump-in on the ground floor.

If you’re not into games and such, hang-out here and watch for our upcoming iOS offerings. I’m hoping that you’ll do both. In any case, there’s a lot coming down the multiple pipes to be enjoyed by all…

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  1. Turboman
    5:48pm, September 16, 2012

    I swear to God, if the ‘HUGE’ thing is not a Camera+ update, I’m gonna lose it. I love Camera+ way too much to see it being abandoned for so long like this.

  2. Diego Galvan
    7:39am, September 18, 2012

    I agree! Why have you all abandoned Camera+ . What happened to the weekly photo contest or the interaction that Camera+ had. A new update needs to come with new features, photo challenges (even if there’s no prizes), Something!

  3. eacron
    11:40pm, September 19, 2012

    I 2nd the comment about the photo contests - it was a lot of fun and the way it was set up, it was a great way learn how to get the most out of the app. More than that it instilled a kind of community feeling which I guess has now become too large for this kind of interaction which is awesome but at the same time regrettable. I don’t agree though that camera+ is being neglected its getting better and better with each update.

  4. John
    1:37am, November 2, 2012

    I like mystery games. Will try Macheist! Thanks

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