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Camera+ goes to the movies

by John Casasanta
July 31, 201335 comments

Camera+ 3.9

I’m excited to present to you Camera+ 3.9 for iPhone (along with 1.4 for iPad)! I’ve got a bunch of very nifty things to show you…

Effects layering

In this new version, we’ve brought the iPhone and iPad apps one big step closer to each other by adding effects layering to the iPhone. Now you can easily combine any number of Camera+’s effects to create some cool, new looks. Mix, match, and blend until you get the perfect combination. You’re limited only by your creativity.

effects layering

It took us three major attempts (and countless smaller iterations) to get effects layering to feel just right and intuitive on the smaller surface of the iPhone. We’ve come up with a pretty neat UI to accomplish it and I’m confident that you’re going to be pleased with the end result.

Here are a few samples of this powerful feature…

Diana (65%), Sepia (21%), Vibrant (60%)

  • Diana (65%), Sepia (21%), Vibrant (60%)
Miniaturize, Purple Haze (17%), Magic Hour (91%)

  • Miniaturize, Purple Haze (17%), Magic Hour (91%)
’70s (87%), XPRO C-41 (78%), Depth of Field

  • ’70s (87%), XPRO C-41 (78%), Depth of Field

Hollywood Effects Pack

It’s been quite a while since we’ve released a new effects pack for Camera+. Over 2½ years, actually. Well, I’m happy to say that we’ve got a real treat for you today! Introducing the Hollywood Effects Pack… 9 stunning new effects and borders inspired by your favorite movies and TV shows.

Hollywood effectsHollywood borders

Lisa Bettany and Wolfgang Bartelme combined their creative juices and worked really hard to bring you this awesome new pack.

Here’s a sampling of the pack…

Neo, Letterbox

  • Neo
  • Letterbox
Madison Ave, HDTV

  • Madison Ave
  • HDTV

  • Action
  • VHS

  • Dreamstate
Enterprise, DVD

  • Enterprise
  • DVD

  • Amélie
Gotham, Poster

  • Gotham
  • Poster
Home Movie, Super 8

  • Home Movie
  • Super 8
Silent Movie, CRT

  • Silent Movie
  • CRT

You can demo the Hollywood Effects Pack for free. When you decide to purchase it, you can unlock all its cinematic goodness for a paltry 99¢. Get it now, before we receive 9 cease and desist orders and it’s too late!

Please note that the inclusion of the DVD border caused quite the rift within the company. There was an actual knife-fight resulting from it. So even if you hate it, out of appreciation for the sacrifices Three-Fingered Louie made for you, at least pretend to like it.


Effects layering and the Hollywood Effects Pack are the big, new things in 3.9, but we’ve got a bunch of additional features and bug fixes we’ve also included…

In keeping with the theme of the Hollywood Effects Pack, we’ve added a couple of new widescreen cinematic crops… 1.85:1 and 2.39:1. Now you can crop your pics to feel just like they belong on the big screen. Only chumps and sucka MCs limit their crops to just squares. MAKE IT WIIIIIDE!!

cinematic crops

Camera+ now utilizes your Facebook account if you have it setup in iOS settings, making for quick and easy setup within Camera+.

Using Camera+ on that weird, new iPod touch that only has a front-facing camera would rip a tiny hole in the space-time continuum, teleporting the user into a parallel universe where they became an Android user. We’re deeply, deeply sorry. In any case, that’s now fixed in this version.

It’s always nice to reevaluate things and polish any weak spots and we’ve done just that in this version. We’ve made a few small usability improvements that should make Camera+ feel just a bit more intuitive to use.

If you’ve purchased any effects packs in Camera+ and have multiple devices with iCloud turned-on, your purchases will now conveniently be synced for you. It’s a very welcome improvement over the whole “restore purchases” rigmarole.

Here’s one that’s a bit perplexing… in Camera+ 3.8, we added support for several languages in addition to English. One that we didn’t add was Brazilian Portuguese, the native language of Brazil. Yet, since that release, the country that Camera+ has consistently ranked the highest in is… Brazil. Go figure. But for this release, we actually have added the native Brazilian Portuguese and I’m willing to wager that Camera+ tanks in the rankings in Brazil. If anyone has any explanation / crackpot theory for any of this, I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

Brazilian Portuguese

Camera+ 4

When we released Camera+ 3.8, I mentioned the upcoming Camera+ 4, which we’ve been working on for quite a while. Well, then that whole iOS 7 thing came along. So we’ve juggled a few things and the Camera+ 4 I mentioned is now going to be called something else and the Camera+ 4 you’ll soon see is essentially going to be our response to iOS 7. We’ve burned a Jony Ive in effigy and buckled-down to bring you a new version of Camera+ that’ll feel right at home in iOS 7, but not lose the spirit of what Camera+ is. The designs are all in place, we’re truly delighted with them, and the programmers are hard at work implementing it all right now. That’s all I’m going to share about it at this point. Stay tuned…

99¢ until Sunday

If you’re an existing Camera+ user, as always, the update is free to you. If you’re one of the few remaining holdouts, now’s your chance to get it and save 50% as it’s on sale for just 99¢ until Sunday. Go get it!

Camera+ 3.9.1 emergency iCloud sync bug fix

We’re really not 100% positive about the hows and whys of it breaking, but in the just-released Camera+ 3.9, iCloud syncing broke. In any case, we‘ve released a quick update to fix it.

We apologize for any inconveniences and frustrations on your part. Now go and enjoy all the goodness that Camera+ 3.9(.1) brings.

iOS 5.1.1 holdouts: we just submitted a Camera+ fix that’ll get you up and running again. Please continue 1-starring it until it’s approved…

The Heist + Starbucks

by Phill Ryu
May 22, 2013no comments

Bundle of Loot

When we released The Heist two years ago, it stole the #1 spot in 44 countries and tempted millions of players into a life of virtual crime. Those who joined up discovered that heists are incredibly difficult to pull off and just as addictively rewarding once you’re in and claiming the prize.

But there are still some of you out there who haven’t scored loot of your own.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that this week here in the US, thanks to Starbucks who have organized a heist of their own, you can take part in The Heist for FREE!

Just download their app here and mission begins. Now that’s a steal, just the way we like it.

The Heist – Now with iPhone 5 Support!

by Noël Rosenthal
May 9, 20135 comments

The Heist for iPhone

No one knows better than we do the frustration of getting your shiny new iPhone 5, taking it out of the box while savoring that new iPhone smell, only to find out that your favorite flashlight/gesture based app/safe cracking simulator is only optimized for puny 3.5 inch screens.

With that in mind, we’ve just updated The Heist to support 4 inch displays, finally giving you that extra half inch of pure awesome.

Can you taste the awesome?

So take this opportunity to be puzzled, flummoxed and bewildered by the crazy locks on this vault, while taking full advantage of your hardware capabilities.

Oh and watch out for Sophia, I hear she’s pretty untrustworthy.

Rosetta stoning… introducing Camera+ 3.8

by John Casasanta
April 10, 201323 comments

Rosetta stoning… introducing Camera+ 3.8

Today we’ve launched Camera+ 3.8 (1.3 for iPad) and it’s got a lot more culture now. We sent the app back to school to learn a bunch of different languages and the end result is that it now speaks the following, in addition to its native English…

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

The process

If you’re curious about how it all went down behind the scenes, I’ll detail a bit of the process for you. As with everything we do, we wanted the translations to be of the highest quality so we searched for a good, solid localization house. After looking over a bunch of good candidates, we decided on wordcrafts. If you develop apps and plan to do any localizing, I recommend them as they were great to work with.

Initially, we planned to translate Camera+ into around 20 languages. And that we did. But at the 11th hour, we made the tough decision to drop around half the planned languages. We threw out a lot of work since the translations were all done but we realized that the whole localization process goes far beyond just the translations.

No doubt, we anticipated that localizing an app as big as Camera+ would be a huge effort, but we still underestimated the reality of it. And moving forward, we’ll now always need to translate any new features we add.

We did a lot of work to automate as much as we can but there’s still a ton of other things that need to be done for each language. So to start, we decided to scale things back and go with a handful of the more popular languages. Depending on how things go, we’ll possibly add back some of the stripped languages in the future.

And speaking of how things go, I’ll likely post about the results down the line. We’re really curious to see if the efforts were all worth it and I’m sure there are plenty of developers out there who’d love to know, too.

Camera+ 3.9 and beyond

Some of you may recall that when we released Camera+ 3.7, I mentioned that the next release would have a bunch of nifty things in it. Welllll… that release got shifted from 3.8 to 3.9. The good news is that 3.9 (among other big upcoming releases) has been in simultaneous development along with this release, so we’re not very far off from launching it.

To make up for this slighting, here’s a little preview of what’s coming up in it…

Camera+ 3.9 Sneak Peek

3.9 is part of the convergence between the the iPhone and iPad versions and we’ll be introducing a nice UI in it so that you can do effects layering. When you combine two or more effects in Camera+, you can get some really cool results.

There’s still a lot more to do to have complete convergence between the two platforms and we’ll be continuing along those lines beyond 3.9. And then we have Camera+ 4, which we’ve literally been working on in parallel for the past two years. Just wait…

10 Million Camera+ Copies Sold! (and a snark peek at Camera+ 4)

by John Casasanta
January 31, 201331 comments

10 Million Camera+ Copies Sold!

We’ve just hit a pretty big Camera+ sales milestone… 10 million paid copies of the app sold! It’s pretty hard to believe that there are that many copies out there being used by all of you. Thanks very much for your support!

But enough about that. I’m a combination of both jazzed and chuffed to show you what we have coming-up for Camera+ 4…

An exclusive Camera+ 4 preview

For the first three major versions of Camera+, we tried to put a lot of emphasis on both design and functionality. But studies have shown that this isn’t the direction that the mobile industry is going. What’s now in vogue are much more primitive, “flatter” designs and a general scaling back of useful features. It’s become Clear that these flat designs that lack logical features are on the Rise and the more detailed designs with desired features are becoming as rare as Solar eclipses.

So following in the footsteps of all these trendy, new apps, we’ve removed all the rich Corinthian leather from Camera+ and whittled photography down to its barest essentials… shooting, gloating, limericking.

Shake to shoot

Camera+ 4: Shake to shoot

The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve killed-off the viewfinder. The viewfinder is an antiquated concept and we’re trying to get with the times here.

The second thing you’ll notice is that the shutter button has also been retired. It just doesn’t get any simpler. But how do you actually take photos? Our innovative shake to shoot system is the answer to that. We’re still tweaking this as pics are coming out a bit blurry, but that’s a minor detail compared to the elegance of the feature.

Swipe to hear John Gruber gloat

Camera+ 4: Swipe to hear John Gruber gloat

Gruber was right. The skeuomorphism is wrong.

Gruber was also right about flat design. With the advent of retina displays, because of the higher pixel density and quality of the displays, there’s absolutely no more need to attempt to make designs look good anymore. The display does it all for you.

But don’t just take our word for it. Look for yourselves…

retina rulez!

When I saw this, I literally wet myself. If your knickers are dry right now, you obviously don’t get it and you’re not worthy of that iPhone 5 you’re holding.

And if you ignore the little detail that you don’t actually interact with elements on a newspaper as you do with software, you can easily see why Gruber’s idea that the evolution of software design parallels the evolution of print design is pure genius. The man knows his stuff.

Pinch to limerick

It may seem like we’ve scaled things back a bit too far feature-wise, but once you try our innovative pinch to limerick feature, you’ll quickly change that tune.

Camera+ 4: Pinch to limerick

Camera hardware advances

Using private APIs (shhhhh!), we’ve cleverly managed to find a way to overheat the camera circuitry in your iPhone. The result… TRUE ANALOG FILTERING!! Now every single photo you take will automatically have that decomposed Polaroid photo look that’s all the rage with the tweens these days.

Upgrading camera hardware


“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
— Albert Einstein

What the hell did Einstein ever do that makes him such an authority? Did he ever make an app? Not as far as I know. With Camera+ 4, we’ve taken simplicity to an unprecedented level.

What’s taken us so long to jump on this bandwagon? We like to be a step or two behind the leading edge. The leading edge is scary… not scary like Lady Gaga, but still pretty scary, nonetheless.

Still not convinced? Stop being a hater! The vocal minority hath spoketh, and we’ve listeneth. We’re positive that once you try Camera+ 4, you’re going to love it it’ll change photography for you forever!

Camera+ 3.7 is out and there’s just one word to describe it: Quality

by John Casasanta
December 17, 201212 comments

Camera+ 3.7 is hot off the presses. Here’s what you have to look forward to…

You know those people who are never satisfied? Wait a minute… you’re one of them?? Well then, this update’s just for you!

For Camera+ 3.7 (1.2 for iPad), we’ve added a new Quality setting. For those of you who want your photos to be of the highest quality, we’ve introduced a third setting, named “High”. (The setting formerly named “Full” is now called “Normal” because it would’ve been confusing as hell to have a medium setting named “Full”… and the lowly, old “Optimized” setting got lucky and got to keep its moniker.)

new Quality menu

new Quality settings

In case you’re not totally sure exactly what the Quality setting affects, it handles the 3 Big S’s: Shooting, Sharing, and Saving.

Keep in mind that the higher quality doesn’t come for free… the price you have to pay is slower performance and larger photo sizes. So if your device if filled to the brim with photos, music, and apps, High Quality may not be the best choice for you (the actual best choice for you is probably to ask Santa for a newer device with more storage so you don’t have to keep deleting old things to make more room for new things).

And what if you *are* satisfied with The Quality Formerly Known As Full (AKA “Normal” or ☥ if you’ve been paying attention)? Well, we’ve bumped-up the quality a bit for Twitter, Message, and Web Link sharing so you’ll get better quality even if you don’t change a thing.

For this update, we’ve also done some optimizing to our recently added Front Flash feature. We did it because we care that you get the best results when you’re sexting. 

And last, but not least, we’ve made photo importing more robust. Importing now does a better job handling atypical image formats. The iPad version of Camera+ (you do know that there’s an iPad version, right?) already had more robust importing and we’ve made both versions work uniformly now.

Speaking of the iPad version of Camera+ and making both versions of the app work more uniformly, you’re going to love the upcoming version 3.8, which is right around the corner. We’re working hard toward converging the features in both versions and the next major update will go a long way toward that. In addition, we’ve got a few other really cool things that we’re adding so stay tuned for it!


by John Casasanta
December 5, 20128 comments

We’ve just released Camera+ 3.6.2 (and 1.1.2 for iPad). Here are the release notes detailing what’s got us all stoked…


If you’re one of the unfortunate Camera+ users who’ve been plagued by the bug where you launch Camera+ and you get a black camera preview, then we’ve got some incredible news for you… that bug is now ancient history!

This annoying bug has been in Camera+ for waaay too long, but we weren’t able to reproduce it ourselves so it remained as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and John McAfee. But thanks to the most magical 1-star review, Camera+ user MikeDVB finally detailed the exact steps to reproduce it. As soon as our Bug Extermination Department got the word, POOF… it was gone like Keyser Söse.

In addition, we’ve done a lot of work on performance, so if you’ve experienced any slowdowns in recent Camera+ releases, especially during startup, this version should hopefully get you fixed-up.


In case you didn’t catch the release notes for our recent 3.6 release, here are some cool, new things that you may be missing out on in Camera+…

  • Front Flash - take pics with your front-facing camera in total darkness!
  • Horizon Level - crooked shots are a thing of the past
  • Live Exposure - get real-time feedback on ISO and shutter speed

Camera+ 3.6.1 is live with NO NEW FEATURES!!

by John Casasanta
November 21, 20128 comments

Here are the release notes for 3.6.1 (1.1.1 iPad)…

Q: What’s new?
A: Well, nothing.

Q: Why?
A: It’s a bug fix release.

Q: What’s fixed then?
A: Ah, ok… that’s a much better question.

So basically, we’ve resolved a handful of crashes that some of you’ve been experiencing.

There were also a couple of minor issues with the new Horizon Level feature and those are fixed now, too.

And we polished-up a bunch of other little details in the app. This helps bring you a better user experience in general.

This all will hopefully make it the most stable, solid release of Camera+ yet. We’ve got a gazillion people using the app now and it’s nearly impossible to catch every bug before we release a new version. But we have some awesome bug reporting mechanisms in the app, along with a very diligent development team, so one of our top priorities is to identify and fix any issues that come up in Camera+ ASAP.

Camera+ 3.6 is here: “It’s a camera, not a flight simulator!”

by John Casasanta
November 14, 201225 comments

It’s a flight simulator, not a camera!

We’ve just released big, new versions of Camera+ for both iPhone and iPad. Here are the release notes with all the details…

Camera+ is widely regarded as the best shooting app in the App Store. For Camera+ 3.6 (1.1 for iPad) we’ve focused (almost no pun intended) our energies on making the best shooting experience even better!

Our internal codename for this update has been Operation ÜberCam and here’s why…

 Front Flash

First off, we’ve made the impossible possible: we’ve managed to add a flash to your front-facing camera. That’s right… you can now take pics of yourself in total darkness! We predict that the number of duckface photos taken around the world will increase by an order of magnitude as a result. We apologize in advance.

the perfect MySpace shot thanks to Front Flash!

the perfect MySpace shot thanks to Front Flash!

 Horizon Level

Are you that person who never takes a straight photo? Well, with this new level, you’ll never have to feel the frustration of taking a crooked shot again. And where levels in other cameras look like something out of a flight simulator, we went for a much different approach. We channeled the ghost of Jonathan Ive(s), said the magic phrase, “AL-LU-MIN-I-UM” three times, and this incredibly simple, elegant, and nonintrusive Horizon Level was the result.

Horizon Level

Horizon Level

 Live Exposure

We didn’t forget all of you advanced iPhoneographers with this update. With the new Live Exposure feature, you get all the details of your shot before you take it. You can now see how exposure parameters like ISO and shutter speed change in real-time as you setup your shot. You always strive to take the best photos and Live Exposure in the new Camera+ helps you achieve them.

Live Exposure

Live Exposure

 Accurate iPhone 5 Framing

An added benefit of Live Exposure is that on your iPhone 5, you now get 100% accurate shot framing. With Live Exposure turned-on, there’s absolutely no viewfinder cropping so What You See Is What You Shoot (or WYSIWYS, because the world doesn’t have enough acronyms).

 Many, Many Camera Improvements

As great as Camera+ shooting is, there’s always room for improvement. We really wanted to provide the best shooting experience, bar none, with this update and we believe we’ve done that. Anything that didn’t feel 100% perfect was given a good overhaul. The end result is well over a dozen improvements that add-up to the best shooting experience on any camera.

 Various Minor Improvements

Yeah, we’ve been calling this update Operation ÜberCam but we didn’t just limit ourselves to camera improvements. We’ve taken a look at all areas of Camera+ that could use a good tweaking here and there and made a bunch of small changes that lead to a much better overall experience for you.

 Various Bug Fixes

Ah, it wouldn’t be software if there weren’t bugs in it. We’re always trying our best to make Camera+ as bug-free as possible and this update is as close to that as ever. Thanks to all of you who report any bugs you find to us as this really helps us achieve this goal.

I’ve been on a bit of a “hiatus” with Camera+ for the past several months, but starting with this update, I’m now back in the driver’s seat for both the iPhone and iPad versions of the apps. And the development team we now have in place is stronger and more driven than ever. One of the things that we’re striving for is parity between both versions of the apps and we’ll be making a lot of progress toward that goal in the upcoming releases of Camera+.

Announcing Camera+ for iPad!

by Scott Meinzer
September 27, 201257 comments

Camera+ for iPad

Over two years ago we released Camera+ for iPhone. At that time we’d been working for a year in an effort to create the best camera app for iPhone. We wanted to make an app we’d love to use ourselves.

After an amazing reception and unbelievable support from all of you, Camera+ reached the incredible milestone of being #1 paid non-game app of the year in 2011, and as of today we’ve sold over 9 million copies. But there’s always been an empty iPad-shaped hole in our hearts.

On behalf of the team I’m thrilled to introduce Camera+ for iPad.

We’ve taken parts of Camera+ for iPhone, and completely reimagined, redesigned, and rebuilt others. We’ve created what we believe is the most intuitive, powerful, and beautiful editing experience on the iPad. We thought about everything that makes Camera+ great, and what we would change to have it shine on the iPad. We could have simply enlarged the existing editing interface, but people use their iPads differently. Camera+ on the iPhone is about getting great results, as quickly as possible. That’s still a part of the iPad version, but the large screen and advanced editing features allow you to focus and add detail to make your photos truly shine.

Some of the new feature’s I’d like to highlight:

iCloud Lightbox Sync

We decided early on we wanted to sync your Lightbox between Camera+ on iPhone and iPad (or 5 iPhones, if that’s how you roll). We wanted to make it so you could shoot everywhere you go — then come home and sit down to a unified lightbox and edit till you collapse. It’s all automatic, you just flip a switch in the settings and we take care of the rest.

Advanced Adjustments

Perfect your images with advanced image adjustments, including white balance, exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and red eye removal. With Camera+ for iPad it doesn’t need to be confusing, you’re just a slider away from tweaking your images to your hearts content. Need a tad bit more saturation, give it a nudge. Need more blur? You get the idea.

Brush on effects

On the iPad you can brush on (or off) each effect with your finger so you apply it only where you want. You can set the brush size, softness and intensity for ultimate control. So don’t apply your effects to the whole image like an amateur, show some restraint and let your fingers do the talking!

Layering effects

We’ve also added layering of effects. You can now layer two or more effects to create your own unique results. Adjust the intensity of each layer and drag and drop to change the order. Why not mix “So Emo” with “Tailfins”? You have great taste, now prove it!

Shoot like a pro

Up until now we’ve avoided the elephant in the room: “Won’t I look ridiculous if I use my iPad as a camera?” — I’d love to tell you that you’re wrong and it’s amazing, but you’re not and you will. But don’t let that stop you. Be strong. Be different. Camera+ on iPad allows you to shoot just like on the iPhone. We’ve brought over the focus and exposure controls we’re famous for, plus all the other things people love from shooting with Camera+ on the iPhone. So adopt the bold shooting technique of the iPadographer and go large!

Some iPhone love too!

We’ve also updated Camera+ for the iPhone to version 3.5. We’ve added in iCloud Lightbox Syncing and also now take advantage of the full height of the iPhone 5’s amazing screen. We’ve also squashed some iOS 6 bugs and made this the speediest release of Camera+ ever.

We are confident you’ll love Camera+ for iPad. It’s on sale now at an introductory price of $0.99 for a really limited time.

Grab it on the App Store

MacHeist 4 has arrived!

by John Casasanta
September 16, 20124 comments

MacHeist 4 nanoMission 1
As some of you are aware, many tap tap tap people also work on projects for our other company, MacHeist. And after over three years have elapsed since the last full season of MacHeist, we’ve just launched MacHeist 4.

The last time we did this, for MacHeist 3, the App Store was in its infancy, only being open for less than a year. At that time we were much smaller, so tap tap tap essentially went on hiatus for the time that it took to plan and execute MacHeist 3.

But this time around, we’ve grown quite a bit and we have a lot more people working on things concurrently. So instead of this post being about me saying how we’re going on break for a while, I’m here to tell you about the MacHeist 4 launch and to also let you know that we have some big things coming-up here at tap tap tap very shortly.

In fact, we’ve just submitted something HUGE to the App Store and we’re expecting it to be approved and ready for launch either this week or next week at worst. I guarantee that this will be very exciting to many of you.

And down the pipe, we have many, many cool things coming-up. One of these things is what I consider to be our most coolest app yet. I can hardly wait for this one to be launched.

So if you’re into solving puzzles and mysteries, come down at and join the 1.5 million or so awesome members who are having a ball socializing in our forums, playing the MacHeist missions, and collecting free copies of some sweet Mac apps. If you enjoyed our iPhone game, The Heist, you’ll surely love playing along since The Heist has its roots deep in the MacHeist 3 missions. We’ve just launched nanoMission 1, so here’s your chance to jump-in on the ground floor.

If you’re not into games and such, hang-out here and watch for our upcoming iOS offerings. I’m hoping that you’ll do both. In any case, there’s a lot coming down the multiple pipes to be enjoyed by all…

The Heist, Now Available to Steal

by Phill Ryu
August 3, 20129 comments

Last summer, we introduced our new spin on MacHeist’s crazy missions, puzzles solving and software freebies to the iPhone… we called it The Heist.

One year later, we’re proud to announce that over a million of you have taken up the challenge of cracking our safe! That’s a lot of heisting, and a lot of Sophia phone calls!

To celebrate this huge milestone, we’re going to drop the price of entry and see just how many more people we can convince to join our life of pretend crime! So as of today, The Heist is now free on the App Store. If you thought the game was a steal before… we thought it’d be cool to go a step further and divide the price by zero.

We know what you’re thinking, and you would be correct. This is indeed the perfect moment to consider a career change into a life of crime or start a virtual crime syndicate with your friends and family.

Just don’t get too comfortable waiting around to prepare for your ‘final score’. The free sale is definitely temporary, and will officially end when something big starts this year.

That’s all for now. And as always, happy heisting, agents!

Happy Birthday, Camera+!

by John Casasanta
June 7, 201244 comments

Happy Birthday, Camera+!

It was two years ago today that we launched Camera+ 1.0. Coincidentally, we’ve sold our 8 millionth copy of Camera+ as of today.

Past, present, and future

The past two years have been been a pretty wild ride with plenty of ups and downs, both internally and externally. Through thick and thin, we’ve managed to grow the development team to 17 people now and we have several “sub-teams” focusing on particular areas of the app.

Some of these areas are pretty substantial and you’ll all be seeing the results of one sub-team’s work in the next few weeks. I’m not going to spoil the surprise but I’ll just say that the next major release of Camera+ has been in the works for a very long time and it’s going to make many of you very happy.

In addition to this upcoming release, which we’ve code-named “Darkroom”, we currently have four other major areas that the various sub-teams are focusing on. In the coming months, you’ll be seeing some pretty awesome things that we’ve all been slaving over.

Funny money

In the past two years, we’ve been approached by several companies that’ve wanted to acquire us. It started with Adobe, then went to Zynga (for The Heist, not really for Camera+), then Google. And most recently, Twitter.

In addition, we were very close to closing our first round of funding recently. We ultimately didn’t like the direction the investors were trying to push us in so we decided to not do it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… fuck the VCs!

We greatly value our independence and in all cases, we’ve fended the suitors off and chosen to remain independent. Fiercely independent. We have a ton of things we want to accomplish here and working for some conglomerate or having bean-counting investors breathing down our necks simply isn’t the way for us to achieve them.

The proposed Facebook acquisition of Instagram fueled a lot of ridiculousness in the industry and the the number of zeroes that’ve come-up in these negotiations has been insane. These offers have been tempting… extremely tempting in some particular cases. Now I know how that old-timey chap felt with the snake and the apple or whatever.

Will the failure of the Facebook IPO change the climate here going forward? Possibly. But it doesn’t matter… we didn’t build this company with the intention to flip it. We’re in it for the long-haul and we’re committed to building a real business that makes great apps, not on selling-out. We’re doing more than fine on our own and we’ll continue to do do so on our own. Again, fiercely independent.

So that’s where we’re at. I want to assure you that we’re 100% dedicated to trying to make Camera+ the best and coolest app on the planet for you.

Now grab a glass of champagne and join us in celebrating two truly wonderful years of Camera+. And here’s to many, many more!

The Heist 1.1: Dividends

by Phill Ryu
April 25, 201227 comments

Bundle of Loot

Last year, we released The Heist for iPhone. The reaction was awesome.

We’ve since been thinking a lot about what worked. Running through the list:

• Heist theme, story and setting
• 4th wall-busting light ARG elements
• Fiendish puzzles to solve
• Crack the MacHeist vault
• Awesome production value
• Free software, with Eets as a freebie to loot at the end

It’s a fine list, and it’s tempting to pat ourselves on the back for successfully porting the essence of the MacHeist experience to iOS.

But we started thinking about what didn’t work, or what might be missing, and then it hit us. We had somehow managed to forget the very thing we’re famous for – a bundle of awesome, discounted software, and delivering insane, bordering unbelievable value for our customers.

So we made it a bundle.

New in The Heist 1.1, crack the safe and loot up to $25 of awesome games for Mac and PC… PLUS, we’re also lowering the ticket price to just 99¢:

Bundle of Loot

*World of Goo limited to the first 25,000 who make it to 100% completion

Yes, it’s an absurd, impossibly good value proposition. We figured if we ran the numbers, they wouldn’t work out. So we forgot to run the numbers.

This one’s on the house. Enjoy!

Camera+ 3.0.2 is out… bug fixes aplenty!

by John Casasanta
April 13, 201223 comments
  • fixed a bug where Camera+ would launch very slowly if you previously had your shooting mode set to Burst (if you’re still experiencing slow launch times, please contact us with more details so we can help resolve any lingering issues)
  • fixed a bug where some user’s photo libraries weren’t able to load after pressing the Magical + Button™
  • fixed a bug where a mysterious white line would appear at the bottom of the Lightbox at seemingly random times (our first assumption was that it was some sort of paranormal thing, but after further inspection, it turned out to simply be us using too aggressive of an image optimization setting for the app graphics… science wins again!)
  • fixed a bug where we somehow cut the wire that links the optimized quality setting in the menu to the actual function in the app… apologies to those of you who have limited space on your iPhone
  • fixed a bug relating to missing date information in the photo EXIF data (apologies for the jargonriffic explanation for this one)
  • NOT owned by Facebook

Oh, and speaking of Facebook, we have fixes for the issues that some of you’ve been experiencing with Facebook posting. We decided that it’d be best to hold them for the next release because we need to do much more extensive testing on them, though. But rest assured that we’re on it and you’ll see them in another update shortly.

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