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About us

At tap tap tap, we develop our creations by sticking with several important principles:



tap tap tap is headed-up by two-time Apple Design Award winner, John Casasanta. John’s a long-time Mac developer and the creator of MacHeist, the #1 Mac software promotion site. Although born a programmer, John’s well past his coding prime now and can’t be trusted around a compiler these days without the proper supervision.


Great design is a prerequisite of great products, not a feature. The top notch designers in our team makes sure every single pixel in our apps is perfectly placed…

Since John has worked together with lead designer Wolfgang Bartelme on several projects in the past, all with stellar results, he felt that Wolfgang would be the perfect person to turn our concepts into graphic reality. And he couldn’t be happier with the results.

Our design sessions have become one of the most loved parts of doing our business. Wolfgang is the lead designer for Camera+ and recently won an Apple Design Award for the iPad version of djay. You can see more of Wolfgang’s work at Bartelme Design.

William Bart created the awe inspiring puzzle art for The Heist. A self described “mad inventor”, he will be bringing his 3D art and animation skills to future projects. In the meantime check out his incredible portfolio over on his website.

Stuart Lynch is a recent addition to the team, a British expat who came to the United States to seek fame and fortune 12 years ago, but settled for a wife, two kids and his dream job. When he's not entertaining his two daughters, he can occasionally be found doing remarkable things with a computer as our new 3D environment artist.

If asked about the best thing she has ever done, Ali Phelps would have to say that it was taking something she loved from her childhood and building a career out of it. Prior to joining the team, she was a vector artist for Mindsnacks, contributing artist for BodSix, freelance game artist for Cryptic Sea, and an artist and animator for Sputnik Animation. She likes pressing buttons, things that light up, cheese, video games, cupcake merchandise, and little sushi plushies that have eyeballs in them.


Mostly Lisa

A a co-creator of Camera+, Lisa Bettany’s talent for photography and artistic eye made her a natural choice for creative director of the project. She was the media producer for Macheist 3 and reprised her role as über-spy Sophia in The Heist. See Lisa’s incredible photography, including the around the world trip she took to promote Camera+ on her blog.

Chris Tihor is a game designer, writer, and creator of comics and other assorted geekery. In his spare time, he's the organizer of the local chapter of the International Game Developers Association in his often damp home of Victoria, BC, Canada. He’s also the creative dynamo behind Ironic Iconic Studios. He enjoys cargo pants, microbrew beer, and complaining about improper apostrophe usage.

Mike D’Ulisse lead the team responsible for creating Faces. Currently he is releasing apps under More Blue Sky, including the heavily featured Flashlight+ and Ransom Letters.


If you have great designs but don’t have talented people to code them up into actual apps, then you’re just sitting on a bunch of pretty pictures. That’s definitely not the case with us, as we’ve assembled one of the strongest programming teams around…

Karl Baron initially helped Scott with the web development and server administration for MacHeist. We’re not really sure what’s going on but somehow he’s able to take the most complex web projects we throw at him, delay working on them until the last minute, then miraculously complete them in time. Since joining us, he’s grown into the web guru for both MacHeist and tap tap tap. During his time here, he’s broadened his horizons, becoming an iOS developer, and contributing to the development of Camera+.

Corwin Derkatch transitioned from working on Macheist 3 by heading up the development of The Heist. He has since worked his magic on Serenity and Serenity for iPad.

Paul Langworthy lives deep in the woods of New Hampshire, where he founded Langaert Games. He spends his days developing iPhone and web games, and the rest of his time gardening and traveling with his lovely wife.

TJ Singleton, is a self proclaimed ruby nerd living near Atlanta, GA. When he isn't developing backend applications, he also enjoys engineering things in the kitchen, going fishing, or just spending time with wife and his son.

Karl von Randow has headed on our most ambitious project to date, Camera+. Some of Karl’s more notable projects include Birdbrain and Mobile Fotos for iPhone and the popular Charles web debugging proxy app. He is also the co-found of Cactuslab, a design and development studio for both iOS and the web.

Kevin Packard is the head of Blackfrog Software. John met Kevin through a Mac software contract for IBM waaaaay back in 1999. You’d think that working at IBM would be all stodgy and boring, but it was actually at IBM’s T J Watson Research Center, where many really cool technologies were born. Kevin and John have remained in contact throughout the years, occasionally getting together for buffalo wings / beer / geek talk. So when John was looking for someone with great coding chops and a great UI sensibility, he knew that Kevin would be perfect for the role. Kevin was the lead developer of our hit app, Convert, and has gone on to begin development of his own iOS game, Three Straight.

Late Nite Soft is an innovative company that has developed among other things, Xslimmer, the popular application file size reduction tool for Mac. They branched out into iOS to create Lab, a photo metadata viewer, as well as Sketches, a doodling app. Late Nite Software has partnered with tap tap tap to offer some of their development expertise to enhance Camera+. LateNiteSoft consists of the following talented people:

Jorge Llubiá went on from earning his degree in computer science, and masters degree in business administration to work as a manager at multiple multinational companies. He co-founded LateNiteSoft with Pedro in 2008, and has been developing apps ever since. He's currently focused on a number of projects, but is primarily concerned with growing the company.

Pedro Cuenca is the other co-founder of LateNiteSoft. Before founding the company he was a telecommunications engineer by trade, and worked as a managed in one of Spain's biggest telecom enterprises. He has also penned two books on the subject of Java.

Antonio Cabezuelo joined the LateNiteSoft team in 2010, with a degree in Computer Science. He has been an iOS developer since 2008, and has created some of the more popular titles in Spain's App Store.

Julián Romero uses his Computer Science degree to develop iOS and Mac software. He also has a Masters degree in business administration, and has been with LateNiteSoft since 2011.

Ernesto Rivera is an iOS/OS X developer from Bolivia. He studied computer science in Geneva and then got a PhD in Tokyo. Above all he likes soccer, traveling and learning new languages (Chinese and Swift are next). Ernesto moved back to his hometown La Paz at the end of 2014 and found himself in LateNiteSoft one month later!

Max Woodhams is the freshest recruit of the LateNiteSoft cabal. With such eclectic qualifications as ‘Guitar Performance Higher Diploma’ and ‘Music Technology Specialist’, he’s ended up an iOS developer, moonlighting as a musician/producer


Noël Rosenthal joined MacHeist as a freelance puzzle designer, and crossed over to tap tap tap in order to work on level design for The Heist. Somehow she now holds the title of Operations Manager, which means she does everything no one else wants to do, and generally makes sure things go smooth.

Jack Hollingsworth, a denizen of Austin, TX, is an award-winning, 30-year career veteran in commercial photography. Jack has fallen in love with his iPhone camera as his primary capture tool. He is also an avid Camera+ devotee and has been since day one. He deeply believes that, when all is said and done, the iPhone may just be remembered as the most influential capture device ever in the history of photography.

Josh Mobley has lent his considerable talents for sound design and composition to Television, Film, and more recently iPhone apps. He also occasionally produces and remixes tracks, and has a passion for Propellerhead Software.



Phill Ryu co-created the bestselling Classics and followed that up by producing The Heist. When he’s not cooking-up cool app ideas, he’s cooking-up ways to craftily get those apps into your hands.

Scott Scott Meinzer worked his web magic to make this site that you’re looking at now actually happen. Beyond his web duties that he so often shirks, Scott’s been instrumental in UI and app design. Although it started out as just a hobby, Scott’s photography craze has motivated him to become one of the driving forces behind Camera+

During the day, David Lanham works at the Iconfactory illustrating beautiful icons. At night, he transforms into the designer equivalent of Batman and makes sure our designs are, at minimum, badass, if not straight up awesome. (Along with sharpening his skills with personal art, which you can see on his site.) Unlike Batman however, David has superpowers in Photoshop and Illustrator, which he has put to good use heading up the design for Faces, and contributing to Voices.

Sophia Teutschler is the creator of the Mac iTunes controller, CoverSutra. She and John were the original founders of tap tap tap, but after the two got to the point where they had too many irreconcilable differences, they decided to split up and go their separate ways. Sophia’s now gone back to the simple software development life and creates Mac and iPhone apps under her Sophiestication brand.

Devin used to work for us. Now he doesn’t.

Oliver Cameron is the founder of Taptivate, an iPhone app studio based in England. They have developed some of the most popular apps on the App Store, including the TV-featured Postman and our very own number one hit Voices.